How to Keep Your Pool From Turning Green

No one wants to swim in a dark green algae-filled pool where potentially harmful bacteria has taken over the water. Fortunately, if you’re wondering how to stop your pool from going green, keeping algae out of the pool isn’t as complicated as it might seem. When considering how to keep algae out of your pool, the best method is to regularly maintain and clean your pool. This will prevent algae from being able to grow in the first place.

Regular maintenance can help prevent algae growth. But it’s helpful to understand how algae grow or enter the pool and how the chemicals you add to your pool keep it clean and clear. When you know why you use certain chemicals in your swimming pool water and how they work, you can create an expert plan on how to prevent pool algae.

How to prevent pool algae using chemicals

Ensuring a proper chemical balance to create an environment in which algae cannot grow is the number one criteria when considering how to keep algae out of a pool. Chlorine granules or tablets, shock treatment, and chemicals to maintain pH and alkalinity at the appropriate levels are the basics needed to maintain a sanitary pool.

Having a test kit on hand to regularly check pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels is essential. That way, you know if your chemical treatment routine is effectively working at keeping algae out of the pool. Keep in mind that your pool maintenance routine may require adjustment throughout the year in different weather conditions. For example, when it’s hot outside, water evaporates more quickly, which may throw off the chemical levels and allow algae to grow.

When considering your options for how to keep your pool from turning green, Pool Marvel’s all-natural swimming pool water treatment can help. Pool Marvel aids in maintaining swimming pool water cleanliness by removing the nutrients necessary for algae and bacteria to live. Pool Marvel thereby clears the path for chlorine allowing it to work much more efficiently.

How to stop your pool from going green by keeping it clean

Another simple step in how to keep your pool from turning green is blocking algae spores from entering and growing in the first place. A common way that algae are introduced into pool water is when the wind blows organic material such as leaves, pollen, and dirt, and they land in the pool. If these are allowed to remain in the water and break down, the leftover debris creates a breeding ground in which algae can bloom.

How to keep pool from turning green

Two methods for how to prevent pool algae from growing are:

1. Keep your pool covered when it isn’t in use, especially when it’s going to be windy.
2. Consistently vacuum your pool, and skim it manually as needed.

Other methods for how to keep algae out of the pool

Unfortunately, there are other ways algae can enter your pool. So it’s important to consider other factors in how to stop your pool from going green.

Algae spores are microscopic organisms, similar to plants, which can cling to any number of surfaces. They can be found on many items that enter the pool: swimsuits, water toys, pool equipment, cleaning tools, and even swimmers. An easy way to prevent algae from transferring from the surface of items that enter your pool is to make sure all items are rinsed well before entering the pool. Swimmers should also rinse off thoroughly with an indoor or outdoor shower or hose.

Armed with the knowledge of how to keep your pool from turning green will provide you the basis for setting up a realistic and effective pool maintenance schedule. But keep in mind that every pool and environment is different. So you may need to work through some trial and error to determine the best routine to ensure your pool is always sanitary, safe, and available at your convenience.